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Services and Pricing

Introductory Consultation

All new athletes receive a free 30 minute consultation in order to evaluate and discuss the individual or group’s needs.

Individual and Group/Team Sessions 



Due to my athlete-driven, evidenced-based, and solution-focused approach to mental training, it is important for us to sit down and discuss your specific needs, goals and areas of focus whether that be for an individual athlete, team and/or coaching staff. I will tailor and build out a unique program around these concepts and focal points as it requires repetitive behavior and discipline in order to incorporate these skills into daily practice.  

From my experience, some individuals will be confident in implementing their skills more quickly; however, a majority of the athletes I worked with benefitted from a more structured approach with consistent sessions. To put it in perspective, if an athlete desired to improve a skill or move, would he/she only practice with someone once? Or have one strength and conditioning session with a coach in order to improve strength and speed? Similar to these practices, it takes repetition and time for mental behaviors and mindsets to become second nature.





Please contact me for information regarding pricing for individuals or teams. Packages can be customized based on your specific needs. Sessions may be conducted in-person or virtually.

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Just like how regular exercise is beneficial to an athlete's physical wellness, mental training can be beneficial to their mental wellness. 

Athletes will work developing skills to better navigate the pressure of performance through evidence-based, solution-focused, and adaptable mental skills programming with the whole athlete in mind.


No two bodies are alike, which also applies to our brains and mental skills. Athletes will learn to better regulate their thoughts and emotions during practice and competition based on the initial consultation and periodic evaluation of their individualized mental training program.

Holistic Mental Training

Mental training can help athletes make real-time evaluations and adjustments by implementing their mental skills in order to take control of various circumstances and situations


Physical Training

Although I have experience as an athlete, when you schedule a session with me, these sessions focus on an athlete's mental skills instead of physical skills.


I am not a certified psychologist. My focus is to help athletes regulate their thoughts and emotions during practice and competition which will also benefit real world applications, developing the whole athlete.

Athletic Coaching

I do not take the place of an athlete's coach. I work alongside coaches to help their athletes better navigate the pressures of being an athlete.

Herrick Performance Consulting Core Values:

Athlete-Driven, Accountability, Authenticity, Evidence-Based, Adaptability, Holistic Development

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